Bible Rebinding

Here are some of the most asked-for categories for rebinding a Bible, here at Leonard’s. Clicking on a link will show you several Bible covers we would recommend in each of the categories.

We use genuine leather, imitation leather cloth, or standard bookbinding cloth, never bonded leather. Prices are the same for a hardcover as for a softcover, unless we’re converting from a softcover to a hardcover. When requesting a quote, please give us the length, width, and thickness of your Bible’s current cover. The number of pages isn’t a good measurement, as the thickness of Bible pages varies from one Bible to another.

The price generally includes “Holy Bible” on the spine or face (unless the leather cannot be imprinted), leatherette end pages, and one ribbon marker. Return shipping and handling is extra and depends on where you live and how you would like the Bible shipped back to you. When you’ve decided on the style you want, just proceed to our ordering page. There are prices for extras there, such as more ribbons or additional imprints. If you’ve seen something on our website, but don’t see the price on our “How to Order” page, just ask.

Black, brown, and burgundy Bibles

Traditional look

Something "different"

Something “different”

What we recommend for longevity

Sturdy — Made to Last

Covers that would especially appeal to Women

For Women




Bibles that would feel comfortable in a man's hand

For Men



Bibles that feel soft to touch

Soft to Touch

Bibles that stand out in a crowd

Bright colors

Our choices for a limp, flexible cover

Limp and flexible



Good ways to re-cover your small Bible

Small Bibles


Leathers for heavy study Bibles

Large Bibles



Top of the line Bible covers


Bible covers that don't look new but are




Low Cost Alternatives

Budget Menu


Suggestions for Pastors' Bibles

For Pastors