Samples Of My Work

"Here are some samples of my work."~at Leonard’s Book Restoration Station~

Note: These pictures are actual original bindings from our shop.

Original binding work done at Leonard's Book Restoration Station

Think of the possibilities!

Those one-of-a-kind books deserve special treatment.

At Leonard’s Book Restoration Station, we do both bookbinding and repair. Have your special Bible, your favorite cookbook, or your family keepsake rebound in genuine leather, or maybe restored to its original condition. Learn more about what we can do.

We can use genuine leather with an antiqued finish to match the look of the 17th and 18th century bindings, even if the covers are missing!

Leather spines with matching cloth boards, made to order at Leonard's Book Restoration Station
New. . . but not too new!
Durable pigskin rebinding for a hand-held or pulpit Bible, from Leonard's Book Restoration Station.  Click here for more information on Bible rebinding and repair
A resurrected Bible makes a great gift!

Leather spines with cloth boards to match make an attractive, yet cost-effective adornment for any bookshelf. What’s so good about leather? Read about it on our leather bookbinding page.

A durable pigskin in black or brown is perfect for rebinding a hand-held or pulpit Bible, and it can even be personalized with your initials. Click here to learn more about what we can do for your Bible.

Sample of Inlaid Binding, Rebinding from Leonard's Book Restoration Station

Rebinding can give you a unique copy of a common book.

Fine Binding from Leonard's Book Restoration Station
Beautiful paper for a favored book.

Sometimes it’s possible to inlay a portion of the original cover into a hand-dyed leather binding. Book rebinding is a creative work as well as a preservation measure.Sometimes you’re just not sure yourself what to do with it. Maybe you don’t have any ideas. Leave the imagination to us and perhaps we can create a work of art!

Marbleized boards with leather spines and corners, rebound at Leonard's Book Restoration Station
Leather corner and spine work is both beautiful and functional.
Binding samples from Leonard's.  Wouldn't your rebound books look nice on your shelves?
Newly-rebound books–for that special place on your shelf.

Marbled paper is available in a variety of hues and patterns, and can add a wonderful elegance to your special book. For a list of pricing examples for bookbinding services, see our ordering information page.

If shelf appearance is important to you, we can give even your most utilitarian books elegance worth showing off. Sometimes they need a new cover, sometimes a new spine, and sometimes just a simple repair.

Family Bible restored at Leonard's Book Restoration Station.  Click here for more information about family Bibles.

Preserve the antiquity!

Have your large family Bible restored in an affordable way that makes it functional and presentable, keeping the focus on the original beauty of the boards.


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