San Mateo, California
Astonishingly good - Every Catholic Bible owner should do business with Leonard's!
Firstly, the folks at Leonard's are incredibly patient. They graciously tolerated weeks of my questions about leather types, colors, yapps, and even text positioning. Personally, I felt I was coming off as a tad annoying and hyper-picky, but nevertheless, they patiently answered every one of them and guided me toward my end result. And that end result is even better than I had imagined at the start. Gone is the extremely stiff and rigid burgundy "bonded leather" cover of my Ignatius RSV-2CE, which would automatically try to flop closed anywhere near the front or the back of the Bible, now replaced with a soft and supple crimson Capra grain goatskin cover that allows the Bible to lay open flat on the first page of Genesis and the last page of Revelation. Coupled with a burgundy lambskin liner and Japanese book cloth end pages, this Bible feels like a blessing to hold and handle. Two stacked 1/4" ribbons? Replaced with three evenly spaced 3/8" ribbons. It feels like the kind of Bible our publishers should give us, but don't. Catholics know all too well the propensity of our publishers to utilize bonded leather over the real stuff, but with Leonard's, that issue can be rectified, and you don't have to rely on the publisher to design your perfect Bible for you. If you're a Catholic and you own the Ignatius RSV-2CE, I highly, highly recommend giving Leonard's your business so they can make sure it lasts for many more years than it otherwise would. Trust me, you won't regret it!