Brad Grossman

Treasure Restored
My Bible is my most treasured possession. And after 26 years of using this copy, it had become worn with pages falling out and the spine broken. My wife found Leonards Book Restoration online after I had expressed my concerns about not wanting a new one. I prayed my worn Bible could be restored. So I contacted Leonards Restoration and spoke with Bill. We spent 40 minutes on the phone and by the end of our conversation, I knew the Lord had led me to them. After picking out the soft leather cover and inscription on the front, I then shipped my Bible to them. Although I was told it would be 3-4 weeks, it ended up being only two weeks from the time it was shipped to the time it was returned in great condition. I can’t say enough about the quality of work AND the care they took with my most treasured possession. They truly understood what this meant to me. God bless Leonards Restoration! 2 Timothy 3:16