Brenda H.

Dallas -Ft. Worth, TX
Overwhelmed with the quality!
I kept my Bible in a leather case, thinking I was doing what was best for it, but it completely bent the book binding. The pages protruded past the cover. Until recently, it had never occurred to me that the Bible could be repaired. My husband said he would like to have my favorite Bible rebound for me, and we began our search for the repair. Leonard's had so many great testimonials and so many styles to choose from that we took the risk to send off my cherished possession. Words cannot fully express how pleased we are with the results of their quality of workmanship. It is so nice to find a business that is so careful, whose standards are so high, who communicates so well and so often, and who holds the written Word of God with such high esteem. It took a while for the process, but it was definitely worth the wait! Thank you to all of you at Leonard's Book Restoration! I can't stop looking at this beautiful new leather book cover that holds my repaired Bible, which I have marked up with notes for many years. Indeed they are the Words of Life!