Beautiful and Meaningful
Please relay to the team there at Leonard’s Books my joy as I just now received my wife’s 1st Mother’s day Bible back in the mail. I will be honest and say that I expected to be a little ‘underwhelmed’ at what a book restorer could do with that Bible, but I am very excited. Loose pages were drawn in, the front and back ‘flyleafs’ are great, and the binding is far better than the original. Everything seems tight and new, only the pages show that this is a book with some history. I had to show someone what I was excited about, so I went down to our division office to share it with the two secretaries there, one of whom is a mother, and they agreed that it was beautiful and meaningful. I intend to wait until Christmas to give this to my wife, but it may kill me to wait. Thank you for your craftsmanship!