Dr. David R Luke and family

Ledyard, CT
Family Bible
In 1980, a stranger came into my pharmacy and asked me if I was "Luke of Oshawa" (my pharmacy was 60 miles north of Oshawa). I responded in the affirmative and he handed me a Bible of the Luke family. Inside the Bible were obituaries of my ancestors pasted from newspapers dating back to 1869! The Bible was not in good shape, binding was separating, and after 8 moves between two countries over 40 years, it was time to give this old religious tome a makeover. We contacted Eric from Leonard's Book Restoration (found randomly on the internet), sent the Bible to them before Christmas, and just received it back yesterday (March 18, 2020). The Bible was returned ahead of schedule, as budgeted, and returned to its rightful place in our house. Thanks to a stranger, the internet, and Leonard's Book Restoration, we have our newly restored Family Bible back in our hands. Of course, what would you expect when the person who restored the Bible was named "Faith"? Thank you to all who touched our Bible.