John H.

Who Could Ask for More?
There are certain things in our lives that have a value that far exceeds material worth.  Such is the case with the bible my mother purchased for me when I was seven, some 62 years ago.  It was a cheaply made bible with a stamped cardboard cover.  Across the years age took its toll and the cover deteriorated and fell apart.  The pages have yellowed and become soft, but the memories have remained crisp and supple.  I have bibles that are in excellent condition but this one with the presentation inscription to me from my mother, dated July 2, 1954, well, it is irreplaceable.  It is not an easy thing to entrust something that has such deep meaning to a stranger to perform surgery and alterations on.  After a long search I contacted Leonard's Book Restoration and began a dialog to determine if they were competent and trustworthy.  I set down a few specifics in our correspondence and gave them some background information to emphasize the importance of the book to me.  I even sent them a picture of my mother to inspire them as they repaired her precious gift.  The staff at Leonard's met and exceeded my expectations and instructions.  They treated my bible as something important to them as well as me.  Their work is beautiful, and if the pages were not showing some age, it would be impossible to realize it was a repair and not a book right from the publishers.  I will always be grateful to the people at Leonard's, and especially Margie, with whom I conducted most of my correspondence;  she has not only proven to be a very trustworthy contact, she has also become one whom I consider a friend.  The staff at Leonard's Book Restoration not only returned my bible as a beautiful, professionally repaired book, they even took time to pray for me.  Who could ask for more? John Hinton