Joseph Seman

Bible Rebinding
Just received my rebound Bible this morning. Very nice work indeed. I went with the "Sturdy Covers" located here: Everything I asked for was done in an expert manner. I went with the Hand-Dyed Rustic Goatskin - dark brown. I will say that I was hoping that the cover would be a little stiffer than it is. I like a stiff cover without it being a hard cover so that when reading from the platform the pages don't fall over your hand like they're made of liquid. But, as it is, this cover is fairly soft and supple, not very stiff at all. So if you're looking for a stiffer cover, you may need to ask the people who do the work what they can do for you. Other than that the workmanship is top-notch. The dying of the leather is exactly what I expected and looks very need of a picture from me as the ones on the site are true to what you get. Therefore, I highly recommend Leonard's Book Restoration for your rebinding needs.