Holy Bible
I sent my mom's bible to Leonard’s because it was literally falling apart. As with many 1950s era bibles, the cover was leather look cardboard. I wish I could have added before and after photos. The wait time wasn’t too bad, they’re very backed up, maybe 3 months from when I sent it in. They told me when they received it, gave me a preliminary quote on cost, when they were ready to start on it they contacted me again to affirm everything and from that time it was about two weeks. They did such a nice job! It’s better then brand new, takes me back to my childhood the moment I open it up. I hope to pass it down to my son when I’m gone. I’m very happy that I chose Leonard’s. I called other companies for estimates on the restoration and their costs were way out of reach for me, in the thousands of dollars, while Leonard’s was able to do it for under two hundred dollars. Again, I’m a very satisfied customer.