Kathy Pflugrad

Excellent Quality Work
I received my Bible back yesterday and am very happy with the quality of work. Leonard's reinserted some loose pages, repaired the stitching, inserted additional blank note pages and put a new leather binding on it. Now it's good for another 30 years of use--maybe more. I rank the craftsmanship 5 stars. My only disappointment was that the new ribbon markers are a different color than the original ones (which were black and which I preferred). It didn't occur to me that they'd switch colors without asking, so I hadn't addressed that in my instructions. If they had communicated about this, I'd give the 5 stars overall. I had included some special info to be photocopied onto some of the newly inserted note pages and they did a great job with that. So I think that if I had specified a ribbon color they would have honored my request. After receiving my Bible, it took them 4 weeks to get an estimate to me. They'd estimated 2 weeks, so I was a bit apprehensive. But in the end, the total time in house was 6 1/2 weeks, right in line with their estimated turnaround time of "about 6 weeks."