My rebound Bible arrived today. I had waited several weeks for it. My old Bible had lasted me over 25 years. After a long search, I finally found one just like it but in a bonded leather cover. It was new and, except for the cover, was exactly like the one I was so familiar with, having used it for over a quarter century. I decided to have the new Bible bound with a new leather cover and chose Leonard's Book Restoration to fulfill this important task. Now that the box with the finished product was in my hands, there was some apprehension in opening it. Did they do a job I would be satisfied with? What would the look and feel of the Bible be like? What if it wasn't quite like I had hoped? I opened the box, removed the well-packed Bible, carefully unwrapped the Bible with all the anticipation of a six-year old at Christmas. To my great delight, it was better than I expected. The look, the feel, the aroma of the leather, the workmanship were all that I could have asked for! Thank you very much for your attention to detail and for taking such good care with my Bible. I would certainly use your services again and would recommend your company to anyone.