Mike Stefanko

Your Most Valuable Possession
What is your most valuable possession? For some, it is a photo album, for others a precious heirloom. For me, it is my Bible. Years of notes, special memories, Autographs and life verses of Preaches and Missionaries that have made an impact in my life. I looked around for a bookbinder to restore my everyday Bible. There were more expensive choices and less expensive choices. Money was not really a factor in my decision. I wanted the best I could get. I choose Leonard's based only upon what I saw on their website. I was not referred by anyone, and I had never ventured into this area before. They just seemed to be the most professional of what I saw. So I sent my Bible in. That's the hard part, the waiting. It always feels longer than it is. The other day I got the email that it was about ready to return. They shipped it on Friday and I got it on Monday. It is absolutely beautiful. I could not be more pleased. The workmanship is excellent, museum quality! I will recommend Leonard's to everyone I know in need of book restoration. They did exactly what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. Well Done!