Peggy Simpson

Small 3 1/2 by 7 inch bible repaired and new cover
Oh my gosh!!!! Don't even know where to begin with this absolutely wonderful experience and the perfect finished product. This little Bible was a gift I gave my daughter that traveled with her on all her mission trips to many countries over the years. So it was pretty worn and beat up, to say the least. It was falling apart. She loved it well. I know she will be so thrilled when she sees it. It has gone everywhere with her and will continue along side of her in the future. The correspondence through this little Bible's journey with Leonard's was better than the best! They answered every question whether by phone or email and quickly. They kept me updated on every bit of the time they were working on it. I was notified when they received it, sent it back to me, when finished and everything in between. EVERYTHING they did they emailed for approval to make sure it was done to my specifications and nothing was left out. I, honestly felt like I was right there with that little Bible on its repair journey. I cannot say enough about how great they are! I was truly blessed to have chosen Leonard's Book Restoration and would do it again a hundred times over.