a wonderful bible rebinding experience!!
My grandma was hoping to have our family bible rebound, she asked for help because her small town didn't have anyone that could do it for her. I found Leonard's Book Restoration online and it seemed like a great solution. Everyone I worked with thru the entire process was kind and informative and very responsive. Initially, I was nervous about shipping my Grandma's treasured bible so far and to a place I didn't know, but I have to say that the experience was out of this world! I have not yet seen the Bible as Leonard's was kind enough to ship it directly to my out of town Grandma, but she called me yesterday in tears of joy over the fact that her Bible is now restored and she can use it without worry that it will fall apart, she said it looks absolutely beautiful!! (and the price was lower than I could have imagined which was good for me since this was a gift I wanted to give her!) Thank you, Leonard's Book Restoration for a wonderful experience!! Rebecca