Vicky Craine

I love the goatskin leathers.
We have had quite a few Bibles rebound by Leonard's Book Restoration and each one has been beautiful and unique in its own way. I love the goatskin leathers, especially the scapegoat. It starts off feeling a little firm or stiff but it immediately starts to soften up every time I pick it up. It has a wonderful, distinct grain to it and combined with a soft, buttery feel and super pliability, there is nothing like it; and veggie dyed too! I like to pick it up sometimes just to feel the leather! Anyway, Leonard's service is friendly and responsive and my husband and I started digging out our older Bibles (we are Bible junkies) that we can send off to Leonard's to restore. Their leathers are so beautiful, I have people asking me where did I get a Bible with that kind of leather and I tell them about Leonard's!