Leather-Lined River Grain Goatskin Style

This is where you can choose the specifications for your own custom leather-lined Bible. This special style is our most flexible cover, with a handsome look and texture.  For information about how we developed this style, see our article.

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Standard Features

  • The outer leather is our special River Grain goatskin.
  • It is lined on the inside with soft, smooth genuine lambskin.
  • The spine imprinting will say simply “Holy Bible” (or a short alternate title, such as “Santa Biblia”), in gold or silver to match the page edge gilding.
  • We can also add the version abbreviation to the spine. This will give the Bible a clean look.
  • At the bottom, the Bible will be blind-stamped with simply “Leonard’s” so you’ll remember where your Bible’s great cover came from, or we can use our Leonard’s logo stamp.

Style Limitations

  • The only customization options for this style are the ones listed.
  • We use only the River Grain goatskin and the lambskin. Our other goatskins are not interchangeable with it.
  • We do not use customers’ leathers for this style.
  • We do not imprint the front or back covers of the Bible because it could affect the lambskin on the other side.
  • But we can leave off imprinting, change the number of ribbons, or leave off our name / logo if requested.
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