How To Order

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Step One — Getting a price quote.

First, do look around and see what we have to offer. Our website and Facebook page have lots of pictures to get you started.

A price list for our various leather options for Bible rebinding is available here, and you can use it to compare prices as you browse our Bible rebinding categories. Most come complete with a new ribbon marker, leatherette end pages, and “Holy Bible” imprinted on the spine or the face of the book. Raised ribs on the spine are default and included in the cost.  (We like the way they look.)

Example #1: Most personal size hand-held Bibles can be totally rebound in genuine leather for as little as $84.50 plus return shipping and handling. A study Bible starts at $88.50.

Additional ribbon markers are only $1.00 each.We also have a series of specialty rebinding styles available.  See them described here.

Example #2: Most standard-sized hardcover books can be totally rebound in cloth for as little as $64.00, or $66.50 for imitation leather (an embossed cloth).  See our Ball Park page for more examples of our pricing.

Example #3: Our minimum basic repair charge is $22.00 plus return shipping. This usually would cover such simple operations as end page replacement, page repairs, or re-casing a book in the original cover.

Binding cord insertion, to shore up broken sewing  or reinforce glued bindings before we apply a new cover, is $22.00.

Additional imprinting in gold, silver, copper, black, or blind stamping (on some leathers) are available at $12 per short line or title.  We also have some colorful foils such as red, blue, and green, and matte brown and white.

Extra note pages (a set of 4 in the front and/ or the back) can be inserted during the binding process for an additional $8.00 for each location.

Additional ribbon markers can be added at $1 each. Appropriate blind-stamped tooling on the cover of a custom family Bible

Return shipping and handling charges are extra and the cost depends on where you live and shipping speed.

If you still need a price quote for your particular job, you can write us or e-mail us at with the size of the book (length, width, and thickness)and a detailed description of its condition.

Or use our convenient bookbinding quote form to send us an e-mail and even attach a picture.

Or give us a call at (574) 652-2151.

  • Step Two — Shipping us a book or Bible.

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Step Three — The Estimate.

When your book or Bible arrives, we’ll send you an official estimate to make sure we’re all on the same page.

When you’ve okay’d the estimate, we’ll put the project on the schedule.

It will need to wait in line for a bit, but we’re reasonable. Bibles have priority. Pastors’ and missionaries’ Bibles have even more of a priority, unless it’s for a hand-dyed leather, a specialty style, or a special-order leather.

Step Four — Payment.

Yes, this is step four! We are happy to begin work on your project with no up-front payment in most cases, unless it involves leathers that must be special ordered.

The normal time sequence is that we would contact you, generally by e-mail, a few days before anticipating being ready to ship. We would make payment arrangements then, to give your payment time for processing.

If you need to send a payment in the mail, just let us know.

Methods of payment: For your convenience, we can use an easy, fast, and secure direct transfer method of payment through Intuit PaymentNetwork, and we also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, American Express (through PayPal), and checks or money orders drawn on a U.S. bank. If you live close enough and can stop by, we even accept cash!

Yes, we accept Visa! Yes, we accept Mastercard! Yes, we accept Discover! Yes, we accept PayPal!

Here’s how to get to our payment page.

Step Five — We send your book or Bible back to you for you to enjoy it,

You'll smile when your Bible comes back, functional and presentable. and you smile!