Book Rebinding

Question: I have an old leather-bound book that is falling apart. The information is valuable to me, so I need for it to remain functional for a long time. Can you put it back together again, but keep it looking old?

Answer: Yes! Actually, getting new leather to look old is easier than keeping it looking new.

We have several dyeing techniques that can simulate the look of aged leather. Our goal is to create a finish close to what the book would look like had it been well cared for.

Before pic of deteriorated calfskin bound ledger circa 1880s
Ledger Rebound in mahogany full calfskin leather

English Calf Two Ways

Question: I have some books that I love, but they don’t necessarily have much value in themselves. I just want to keep them on my bookshelves so they look nice. What kinds of things can you do for my books?

Answer: For a quality rebinding job done on a well-loved book, regardless of its market value, we can help.

Here are some ideas and options:

*We use genuine leathers (never bonded leather), which will give your book both longevity and beauty.  (See our article: “Why Leather?”)