How Much Does It Cost?

Price List Downloads

Here are are links to all the price lists and order forms referred to on our website.  You’ll need a PDF reader to view the files. If you don’t know what these prices mean, see some of the navigation links on our website to find out more. For further information on how to use these forms and send in your order, visit our Ordering Page

General Pricing

See our "ball park page"

"The Ball Park Page"

Click on that ball player above for some fast numbers to give you an idea of our pricing.  They are not intended to take the place of an official estimate, which we will be sending you shortly after receipt of your book.  The official estimate will itemize any necessary repairs to the text block (sewing and page repairs), plus return shipping and handling. (Or, keep scrolling for the standard Bible rebinding order form, some specialty style forms, and an easy project form.)

Price List / Order Forms

Standard Price List for Bible Rebinding

This is the full price list for Bible rebinding.  The cost depends on the size of your Bible and the type of leather.  There can also be additional charges for repairs to the text block.

Leonard's Historical Styles

Use this price list / order form to order any of our Historical Specialty Rebinding Styles, including the new Jesus People style.  The price depends on the size of your Bible.  We do not substitute different leathers for these styles.  This list does not include prices for the large family Bibles.

Leather-Lined Goatskin Style

Use this price list / order form for any of the colors and combinations of our Leather-Lined Goatskin Specialty Style.  There are 3 pages.  Use the first page and then the second or third page, whichever applies.

Leonard's Deco Styles

Use this price list / order form for any of the colors and combinations of our Strap Wrap, Rag Edge, Snap Flap, or American West III Styles.

Project Form

Easy to Use Project Order Form

Use this project form if none of the other order forms apply, and you already have a pretty good idea of what it will cost you or you don’t really need to have a preliminary quote.  Include it in the box when you ship us your book or Bible.