16th Century Geneva Style

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Ever wish you could own one of those really old Bibles? Well, even if you could never actually own one, you can still have your modern Bible rebound in this believably authentic period look, and maybe even fool your friends. 🙂

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16th Century Geneva Historical Bible Style

This natural goatskin hardcover Bible, hand-dyed to a deep mahogany, is simple in its look and is appropriate (historically) for either a Geneva Bible or a Douay-Rheims Bible, but you can use it on any modern Bible in your collection. We can even convert a softcover Bible to a hardcover for you so you can enjoy this style –whether it’s in your hand or on your bookshelf.

It features prominent wraparound raised ribs with simple tooling around them, simple border tooling, an applied leather spine label, and hand-sewn silk head and tail bands. It has one gold ribbon and dark chocolate brown hand-milled end pages.

Leonard's 16th Century Geneva Historical Style with hand-sewn silk head and tail bands.

Wraparound raised ribs and tooling detail on Leonard's 16th Century Geneva Historical Style

Front view of Leonard's Historical Style -- the 16th Century Geneva

















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