How To Ship Your Books & Bibles

If you would like to send us a book or Bible for repair, rebinding, or restoration, or for a free evaluation:

First, if you have a Bible that needs rebinding, andSend us your old, your beat up, your worn out Bibles.

*You already know what you’d like to do
*You’ve already read our whole website three times
*You don’t have any questions
*And you’d just like to get started …

1. Print out our Price List/Order Form with our current prices for Bible rebinding in various leathers.  Or, if you were interested in one of our specialty styles, here’s where you can find the other forms:

2. Circle the color under the leather and grain you’d like.

3. Circle the price under the size of the Bible you have — compact, personal, or study Bible.

4. Fill in your contact information — name, address, phone number(s), and e-mail (if you have them).

5. Add any notes you’d like, using the back if you can’t fit everything on the front.

Now move on to the shipping part …

If you have something other than a Bible to send us, or

Send these, the spineless, coverless, broken books to me.*You don’t need to have your Bible rebound, just repaired

*You really have something totally different in mind.

1.  Visit our Ball Park page. That may give you just the answers you were looking for.

2.  Print out our Project Form.

3.  Fill in your contact information — name, address, phone number(s), and e-mail (if you have them).

4.  Add any notes you have for us so we have an idea of how you’d like us to approach this.

But if:

*You have to get off the computer because it belongs to someone else and you didn’t have time to read our whole website, or
*You did read it but still need more help, or
*You’d just like to speak to a real person! …

Feel free to contact us first, by e-mail, phone, or use our bookbinding quote request form.

Please include a copy of any correspondence we’ve had with you in your box.

Also add your:

1. name
2. address
3. phone number
4. e-mail address
(if you have one)

Shipping and ReceivingThe Shipping Part

1. Pack your book or Bible and its accompanying paperwork securely in a box with the contents protected from moisture. (Bubble wrap is good, but plastic grocery bags work too!)

2. Address the box accurately and neatly. Your name on the outside of the box is required. (You don’t want us to be worried about terrorists, do you?)

3. We prefer U.S. Postal Service Media Mail or Priority Mail because our post office box address provides the most secure delivery.  We live in a rural area that is NOT serviced well by UPS or FedEx.  You can find the contact information here.

4. Insure your package at your own discretion.  (Hint:  With Priority Mail, the post office will give you a box, free tracking, and $50.00 insurance.)

5. Let us know when the book is on its way so we can be watching for it.

When the book arrives, we will contact you, generally by e-mail, to let you know it’s here.

Now go back to the Ordering Info page, because you’re ready for Step Three.