17th Century Country Parson Style

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1. The 17th Century Country Parson Style (Softcover Version):

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This unique Bible features dark brown hand-dyed spindled rustic goatskin, wrap-around, thick raised ribs on the spine, with blind-stamped double border tooling and tapered spine rib tooling. It is a softcover and is especially appealing to people who want a Bible that is very strong and durable. This is not wimpy-soft leather but is not too stiff, either. The rustic goatskin is not meant to be buttery soft, but it can be flexed.  The end pages are standard leatherette for strength when flexing.

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2. The 17th Century Country Parson Style (Hardcover Version):

This Bible style features much of the same personality as the softcover version, but is really more authentic since a country parson wouldn’t have had a softcover. This has the same hand-dyed spindled rustic goatskin, the raised ribs, and border and spine tooling. However, with this version, we also add hand milled paper end pages and hand-sewn head and tail bands. We can “beat up the boards” a bit, too (okay, “condition” them), to make this Bible even more rustic-looking.

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Here are a couple more pictures of this Bible for you:

Softcover and hardcover versions of the 17th Century Country Parson styleHardcover and Softcover 17th Century Country Parson style Bibles