Bible Rebinding

Here are some of the most asked-for categories for rebinding a Bible, here at Leonard’s. Clicking on one of these pictures will show you several types of Bible covers we would recommend in each of the categories.  We use genuine leathers, standard bookbinding cloth, or imitation leather cloth, but never bonded leather.  If you’d rather browse the various leather types, see our Leathers and Grains page.

Our prices generally include raised ribs and “Holy Bible” on the spine or the front (unless the leather wouldn’t allow for that), leatherette end pages, and one new ribbon marker. Return shipping and handling is extra and depends on where you live and how you would like the Bible shipped back to you. When you’ve decided on the style you want, just proceed to our ordering page. There are prices for extras there, such as more ribbons or additional imprints. If you’ve seen something on our website, but don’t see the price on our “Ordering” page, you can include it on your order form, or just ask.

Traditional Look

Mostly black, brown, or burgundy Bibles

Something “Different”

Bible styles that stand out in a crowd.

Colorful Covers

All the colors of our pre-dyed leathers

For Men

Covers comfortable in the hand of a man

For Women

Bible covers comfortable in the hand of a woman

For Pastors

Recommendations for pastors’ Bibles

Soft to Touch

Leathers that are squeezably soft — but still durable

Limp and Flexible

Most likely to open flat, right out of the box

Small Bibles

Leathers that work for a small or slim Bible

Sturdy Covers

Covers made to last!

Large Bibles

Leathers that work for a larger or thick Bible


Hand-dyed, antiqued, and some with more natural grain


Higher class look and feel

Specialty Styles

Leonard’s Specialty Rebinding Styles


Least expensive genuine leather, cloth, and imitation leather