As you know, the whole world has been under siege from an invisible enemy in the last few months, which is not unlike the struggle in the spiritual realm since Creation.  It’s been shaking us all to the core and causing us to examine who we are as individuals, nations, and the race of Man.  We at Leonard’s hope and pray that even through this crisis, many will discover that the only firm foundation is belief and faith in the one true God, and Jesus Christ, His Son.

So now, the big question in everyone’s mind is, are we still in business and accepting work?  Here’s our situation.  Here in Indiana, our governor has not declared that we are an essential business, but did allow non-essential businesses to open as long as we have no customers in the store (carry-out only) and adhere to the CDC guidelines regarding distancing, hand washing, and sanitizing.

As you may know, we had been working from two locations in Burrows — our office being in the back of our house, and our shop being in another building a couple blocks away.  This didn’t work for the CDC distancing guidelines, so we are in the process of moving things.  We have established a shift schedule so the bookbinders aren’t in too close of a proximity to each other, and two of our office desks are moved into the shop.  We’ll be connected by a virtual private network so we can do remote working of sorts.  As of today, we’re only missing a couple of pieces to that puzzle and it should be up and running soon.

This means:

  • Yes, we are still in business and accepting work.
  • Yes, we have as of today, called all our employees back again.
  • Yes, we still expect some delays and there could even be some supply shortages.  We hope not.
  • If we don’t get back with you right away, please don’t panic.  We are simply trying to get all the bugs worked out of the new system.

We hope to still be in business for a long time.  🙂