It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, so I thought I’d fill you in on what’s been happening in Burrows, Indiana. As you can see, Eric and I are still in good shape!

Eric and I on an average day.

Particularly, one of our customers wanted to know recently if there was any news.  He’s a fan and sincerely cared.  The last time we posted anything to our Facebook business page, it was a picture of one of our employees wearing a mask from The Chosen.  So he wondered if we were still in business.  I can understand that!

So, here are some points of interest.

We are all well other than seasonal allergies and normal aches and pains.  Some of us have had Covid during the last year, but all who were thus affected recuperated nicely and have shiny new antibodies.

We are now working out of two offices – one at the original location in the back of our home and one at the shop, where the shipping and receiving takes place.  We established a network so we could communicate and work together from the two locations.  We did that so we wouldn’t be crammed too tightly together in one place – it’s healthier that way – but our office is much, much quieter, and I don’t see the outgoing mail very often.  That’s why there are fewer Facebook posts.

Over the last year we did have some problems with our emails being captured by spam filters, and we had a long-playing phone outage in the area at the same time, which compounded our frustration.  Hopefully most of that has stabilized now, but we still resist using our personal cell phones for business.

Eric still schedules appointments with our customers who drive from neighboring states to see us, but we meet outside.  We haven’t resumed school tours, but no one is asking anyway right now.

We did get behind in updating the website, but we are doing fine on production.  We shipped nearly 200 books and Bibles last month.

Books in progress or in line

You may find that there are still leathers on our website that are not on the price list.  Trust the price list.

Our team members have changed a bit.  We lost a couple of them – for instance Faith, when she left for Bible college.  But we picked up a couple of others that we love, including a young father named Bill, who moved to Indiana with his wife and kids to find a freer life in a red state.  I’ll try to get the rest of the changes to our team on the website soon.

Bill, hard at work

We had a project just before Covid called the Bible Rebinders Network.  I haven’t done anything with that lately because we got so far behind with everything.  This new website was to be a way to locate people who do quality rebinding of the Word of God, a very important occupation.  I’ll be getting back to that as soon as I can.

We had an entity change from a Joint Venture Partnership to an LLC.  That turned out to be more of a challenge than we had bargained for, but it is completed now and hopefully we’re doing things right.  Yes, that also contributed to our getting behind!

Eric and I are pursuing some other interests in our spare time – for me, a personal blog about my past, our family, and my thoughts about everything.  For Eric, it’s genealogy.  Eric found, for instance, that we’re 17th cousins and that I have a Mohawk princess as an ancestor.  These pastimes keep us from being in a rut now that we are empty nesters.

We also decided to move the location of our water heater out of the basement since it kept flooding when it rained, but as of the time of this writing, we wouldn’t complain if we got a good downpour.

We now have eight kids, a passel of sons- and daughters-in-law, twenty grandkids, and three great grandkids.  We are very proud of all of them!  And somehow, we get more grandkids without even doing anything – they just come along now and then!  They’re great and super cute!

I hope this update satisfied your curiosity!  God is good to us, and we are looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ.  Maranatha!


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