Bible Rebinding at Leonard’s Book Restoration


The Word of God is timeless . . .

Box Taped Bible Cover

But the cover of your Bible is not.

At Leonard’s, we understand the value of the Word of God.  We also understand your attachment to your Bible, with all its notes, highlighting, and family history.  The margins of each page mark your spiritual journey, and your Bible naturally falls open to the pages you’ve visited over and over again because you’ve found them useful and inspiring.

That’s the best reason we know of to give your Bible a revival.  Before you lose pages, send it to us for a new, attractive, sturdy cover in one of our good leathers that will last you for a long time.  And we won’t keep your Bible on a shelf for several months, either, waiting to be rebound.  Our turnaround times are fast, our prices are fair, and our customers are glad to refer their friends.

Ready to explore your options?  Then click on the Bible below to enter the newly-updated land of Leonard’s Book Restoration Station and see our Bible rebinding information.

Small Bible rebound in black soft-tanned goatskin