Book Rebinding at Leonard’s Book Restoration

You can’t tell a book by its cover. . .


You can’t tell a book by its cover. . .

But if you can’t tell what the book is because its cover is missing, why not show it a little mercy!


At Leonard’s, we know the cover of a book isn’t what the book is about, but that’s the part that protects it from the elements.

Think how bad you would look if your skin were cracked, peeling, or falling off!  But also, think about the lack of protection you would have, from many dangerous sources:  heat, cold, disease, insects, sharp objects, or just plain dirt.  Now think about your favorite book and how vulnerable it is without its skin.

If you want that favorite book to stay safe and functional for a long time, so that you can actually read it, a complete or partial rebinding job in a good, sturdy, attractive genuine leather cover will do wonders for it.  Ready to explore the possibilities?  Then enter the newly-updated land of Leonard’s Book Restoration Station.

Here’s the above book with its new skin.  Click on the book to see our Book Rebinding information.

Half leather -- leather on the spine and marbled paper on the boards