Bill Grimm

Bible rebound and restored
A decade of constant study wore out my favorite Bible and I valued my notes realizing this was my most valuable possession. I didn't want to part company with it so I researched restoration that pointed to Leonard's Book Restoration, a family of craftsmen. I took a day of vacation and drove four hours one way, to convince myself this idea was worthy of my fulfilling. Their website provided all the information necessary to accomplish this task without my trip to visit them so take my recommendation that a visit isn't necessary and you will be delighted with their results. Being separated from your most valuable possession is worth the wait. They meticulously followed my instructions and returned it to me by mail in only a month. A small sacrifice in time compared to the joy I experience every time I hold it to study. They have my blessing and you cannot do better anywhere! Contact me if you want a personalized endorsement. They are five star craftsmanship experts.