Darren Barkman

Schenectady, NY
Second Rebinding a Huge Blessing!
Eric and the team at Leonard's rebound my 1977 NASB the first time in 2007 and I sent it back this summer for a second go round, as the pages were slipping and the cover was cracked. Well, she’s back and she’s totally GORGEOUS!!! I like black typically, but this time I went with walnut thick full-grain cowhide. It’s SOOOO soft and the cover flops open like a preacher’s Bible should when held in one hand (the previous cover was much firmer and didn’t flop quite as much). I had “Holy Bible” printed on the spine. I originally asked for the “Sola Scriptura” to also be on the spine, but further down. They suggested putting it on the cover instead and I think that was a good call. And it smells so wonderful! I've had several friends comment how nice it feels and looks. Another successful rebinding by a happy pastor! Thanks everyone!