Guy Kendler

Plano, TX (North Dallas)
Bible Restoration
I recently received my Bible back from restoration at Leonard's Book Restoration. I had found Leonard's by Googling "bible restorations" and fortunately for me they were at the top of the list. I looked a at a couple of other sites but Leonard's was far superior to the others. The web site is intuitive and easy to use. Very well thought out and contains a great deal of information about determining how your Bible or other highly-valued book can be restored. Lot's of photos, explanations, a glossary, etc. to help you determine exactly what you want. After making email contact they responded quickly insofar as how the process works. I.e, shipping, estimate, invoicing, scheduling, etc. Margie, Valerie and Becky were great to work with as my restoration took place. It took about 3+ weeks. But well worth wait as well as the cost. My Bible was over 50 years old and in pretty bad shape. Once I received it back it was almost like new. The goatskin cover was soft, handsome and high-quality. The gold lettering crisp and perfectly done. The ridges on the spine also added a nice touch. The quality of the re-stitching/binding was outstanding. In short, I would highly recommend Leonard's Book Restoration. The process was easy and the result truly reflective of tremendous craftsmanship, skill and care in the restoration process.