Heidi Jenkins

Catlett, VA
What a gift!
We just had our daughter's Bible restored. Pages were water damaged and sections were falling out and the cover needed to be redone. We gave it to her last night as her birthday gift and she couldn't get over how beautifully restored it was! I am so impressed with not only the quality of work by ALL the people at Leonard's, but also their customer service. They were in constant contact with me through every step of the process. They obviously have multiple layers of inspections because even when they thought it was ready to send to me, someone decided they didn't like something they saw and kept it to fix the issue and of course, notified me that it would in fact be a little longer. This level of customer service is hard to come by these days. Great job everyone! And most of all, they know they're dealing with God's word and take extra special care of His most Holy Word. Another example of their integrity is I even missed a few of my daughter's notes in her pages when I secretly sent it in, and they were still there when they returned the Bible. This IS where you need to get your books restored!! Blessings to everyone at Leonard's!!