Richmond, VA
Rebinding and New Cover on Bible
I recently got my bible back from Leonard's Book Restoration and I was very pleased with the quality of their work and with the overall experience. Eric and his team were so kind, helpful and professional throughout the whole process. The bible was a translation that isn't in print anymore and I really like it, but the cover (see before and after picture attached) was more or less disintegrated. Eric provided a lot of good suggestions via email that helped me sort through the many choices on the website. He quoted a lead time of 6-8 weeks and that was spot on - the bible came back from the shop 7 weeks to the day from when he said that. The leather is top quality and the bible looks brand new. The work is precise and was clearly done with care and attention. The leather looks great and is quite flexible as well. I will certainly be keeping Leonard's in mind for any future book rebinding projects.