Georgia USA
The Dream Bible
Today I received my "Dream Bible" from Leonard's. Wow! They took a bible with no cover at all, no end pages, and a torn presentation page, and made it even better than the original, new condition, from a few years ago. When the plastic liner began cracking, I tried "fixing it" myself.....BIG mistake. I had about given up on it ever being whole again when I stumbled across Eric's video of him holding the duct tape bible. I said to myself if he can fix that one he can fix mine! Now I have a Cambridge Concord Bible bound in goatskin, with lambskin lining, Japanese book cloth end pages, and a new presentation page. I went with a mocha/dark brown River Grain style and everything compliments each other perfectly inside and out. The lettering on the spine is even matched in color to the art gild page edges. There are lots of other nice little touches I could talk about, but in short I'll say this, it's the bible I have always wanted, because not only is it beautiful, it is made to read every day for years and years, and only get better with age. Thank you Leonard's, and may God bless each and everyone of you. James