Jason Skipper

An excellent job
I have never used Leonard's. I found them online and believed that I had found a dependable and quality set of workers who cared about what they were doing. I was given my Oxford Wide Margin KJV in 1996 by an older minister who is now deceased. For a couple of years it was my primary Bible. It was bonded leather, however, and did not hold up much past a year. I then sent it off to be rebound. That job was not very well done. Within a year the stress of use showed up in the hinges, etc. I did everything wrong in trying to shore it up and patch it up. Finally I decided it was time to restore it. Having decided on Leonard's, I chose the 17thCentury Country Parson style with a chocolate colored leather. I could hardly be more pleased with the job that was done. It looks well, feels great, and is actually much lighter weight now (And that counts much when you have a Bible that is 2lbs plus in weight.). I look forward to many years of use out of this. I hope to soon send them another job.