Jim Evans

20 Year old Bible Restored to like new condition.
My 20 year old NIV Life Application Study Bible was in bad condition, the Bound Leather cover was badly worn, several pages had become seperated and had come loose. I was looking on Google for a company who does Book Binding when I found Leonard's Book Restoration Station. I emailed them along with some pictures and a description of Bible. It was only a few days when I received a reply back along with a detailed description of what needed to be done along with a cost estimate to repair the Bible. I then shipped the Bible to Leonard's to have the Bible repaired. When it was shipped back and I opened the package containing my Bible, I could hardly believe that it was the same Bible. The Bible looks even better than it did when it was purchased 20 years ago. I'm so thankful to Leonard's and all their staff, it was a truly a great experience, and if anyone is looking to have any books repaired, I would highly recommend that you consider Leonard's, they don't come any better. God bless, Jim Evans, Alliston, Ontario, Canada