Kevin Mitchell

A piece of family legacy saved!
I am so grateful for the professional work performed by the skilled folks at Leonard's Book Restoration on my father's Bible. Dad had used that Bible for years and it was a "study workhorse" for him. He had made many, many entries and study notes. It also showed the signs of great use and age. It was kept in a shoebox just to keep all of the parts in one place! Cover worn out and off, spine broken down, stitching loose, pages out, wrinkled and folded to keep them in it. I wanted to use it but couldn't. I want to pass it along in the family, but not in a shoebox. The folks at Leonard's Book Restoration were the answer. They listened to my concerns, calmed my nervousness at leaving it and they performed the work at a reasonable price and quickly for what needed to be done. Dad's Bible is back in action as a study companion. It's is bound in a beautiful English calfskin cover, additional note pages for more entries, and the story of my dad's journey with Jesus is a tangible part of our family again. If you have a book that needs a little love or a full makeover, the craftsmen at LBR are your answer! They certainly have the gratitude of me and my family!