Rev. Greg Merrill

Rebound Bible in Surplus Leather
I think the best part of this testimonial is that after having my first Bible ever rebound, I am immediately preparing to send Leonard's another Bible to rebind. They did such a good job the first time, and the experience of working with them through email was of such, that I am ready to do it again. I use Bibles a lot, and so through the years their covers and pages start breaking down. A brand new Bible just can't compare with having a Bible (I have put a lot of notes, cross reference, and highlighting in.) restored. Having checked out their website and YouTube videos, I have found Leonard's a top-notch company to work with. They offer a lot of different services, and a lot of choices in how to have your Bible rebound. I chose to have them use a surplus leather, and have no imprinting to keep the cost down. I received a beautiful, chocolate brown, smooth, goat skin cover. It looks and feels great. Leonard's surpassed my expectations. I don't always recommend companies and services to others, but I would highly recommend Leonard's.