Tim Bolt

Madisonville, Louisiana
I waited 16 months before reviewing to see if the repairs would last. They did!
My Inductive Study Bible was falling apart after 15 years of heavy use. The spine was divided and split in several places, with a 1/2" gap between the halves when I opened it to Psalm 117 (the middle chapter of the Bible). I didn't want to part with this Bible because of all the notes I had made in it. A friend recommended Leonard's and I sent it off in December, 2018, receiving it back in February, 2019 repaired and rebound in soft bomber leather with new ribbons and 8 new pages for notes. I'm happy to report that after almost a year and a half of continued exhaustive handling, the Bible is as solid and supple as ever. The work I had done didn't come cheaply because I needed Leonard's to do a lot, but I consider my money--$211 in all--very well spent.