Customer Testimonials

Beautifully Restored

30 year old pastor's Bible was beautifully restored. Great attention was paid to every detail. I would highly recommend Leonard's Books!

Alan Burkhalter
Alan Burkhalter
Pastor at Chaparral Hills Baptist Church in Amarillo TX
Prayer Book for Religious - Father Lasance

Working with Leonard's Book Restoration Station was easy with no hassle! The process of getting my book rebound from a chewed up piece of scrap to a brand new looking, feeling and smelling book was smooth with no bumps on the road. If you would(...)

Br. Matthew
Br. Matthew
Colorado Springs
Great work done with attention and care

I've used the services of Leonard's Book Restoration for a number of years now and what brings me back is the quality of their work. If you have a book that needs repair or rebinding look no further. Eric and his dedicated staff work diligently(...)

James Chapman
Lexington, North Carolina
Second Rebinding a Huge Blessing!

Eric and the team at Leonard's rebound my 1977 NASB the first time in 2007 and I sent it back this summer for a second go round, as the pages were slipping and the cover was cracked. Well, she’s back and she’s totally GORGEOUS!!! I like black(...)

Darren Barkman
Darren Barkman
Schenectady, NY
Care and Professionalism

I discovered Leonard’s Book Restoration after an extensive search online for a company that could rebind four books that have great sentimental value. They were fabulous from beginning to end. They clearly communicated the process and cost. (...)

Laura Tuite

I am so impressed and happy. My Bible’s binding was destroyed and the pages were falling apart so I sent my Bible into Leonard’s.
I made every mistake and asked probably every question I could but the staff was so friendly, gracious, and(...)

Braelynn White
Fayetteville Arkansas
Bible Repaired Beautifully

I had a leather Bible that was falling out of its cover due to some water damage. They were able to do the repair, and were very kind and courteous as they communicated with me throughout the process.

Tom K.
Catholic Breviary--single volume Christian Prayer

I had an old breviary rebound with real leather and am completely shocked at how you made this look (and feel!) better than when I bought it new. I have a one-of-a-kind breviary that will last longer than I will. I will be so proud to use it(...)

Randi Buros
Randi Buros
Sierra Vista, AZ
re-tooled and restored

So thankful for the way that Leonard's took my Bible that was falling apart and made it feel like new! It actually feels better than new, because the cover is real leather and not bonded and the corded repair of the binding makes all the pages(...)

Friendly Service

This was my first experience and it was super! Frequent and clear communication along with very friendly service. Looking forward to the results.

J. Darley