Customer Testimonials

Superb quality, timeliness, and communication

We are ecstatic with the results of your refurbishing my mother's 1910 7th grade reader. It is a priceless family treasure which we can pass on to our son and granddaughter.

Sheldon S Thomas
Sheldon Thomas
Pilgrim's Progress

Wow! They did a beautiful job of restoring the covers, reattaching them and putting the title and author on the spine. I never expected my old 1891 illustrated copy of Pilgrim's Progress to look SO GOOD! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lon Taylor
Pilgrim's Progress
Bible rebinding

I’m so happy with my Bible. It’s exactly what I wanted and was very reasonable priced. It didn’t even take as long as expected to have the completed bible back in my hands. They even sent back my end pages (because I had writing on them) for(...)

HIGHLY Recommend!!!

What a transformation… My grandmother on my dad’s side entrusted me with this very special book on my 15th birthday that was gifted to her by her parents in 1948. It was well loved and used by her for nearly 65 years until she gave it to me. I(...)

Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen
Gallatin, TN

My refurbished Bible came in the mail just before Christmas and I placed it under the tree as my Christmas present. My old Bible was given to me by my Grandmother back in the 1970's and was very worn out with the pages coming out. Once(...)

Lt. Michael Brown
USAG Ft Detrick

I was thrilled with the restoration that Leonard’s Books did on my Bible. They kept all of the original pages and cover. They let me know when they received my Bible in the mail
and I really appreciated that. They stayed in touch with me(...)

Malrie Nelson
Louisville, KY
Black leather NIV Thinline Bible

My small Bible had become tattered and unbound. While only 12 years old, I had read it daily, and it was in desperate need of repair and preservation. Leonard's Books stuck it back together and recovered it so beautifully and lovingly -(...)

Mike Avey
Indianapolis, IN
Bible Restoration

I had Leonard's restore a circa 1814 Bible which was in very very bad condition. They did a fantastic job and exceeded my expectations as to what could be done with such a very poor condition book. It is now a beautiful Bible which we proudly(...)

Derrill Wolkins
Payson, AZ
Overwhelmed with the quality!

I kept my Bible in a leather case, thinking I was doing what was best for it, but it completely bent the book binding. The pages protruded past the cover. Until recently, it had never occurred to me that the Bible could be repaired. My husband(...)

Brenda H.
Brenda H.
Dallas -Ft. Worth, TX
Rebound my beloved Bible
Gretchen Zimmerman
Gretchen Zimmerman
Fort Wayne, IN