Customer Testimonials

I am very pleased with the quality of work and the timely delivery.
Thank you!

Sarah Story
Perry, GA
May 24, 2022

These are just a few of the Bibles they've done for me. I love me some fresh leather bound bibles. Bill is the best - bar none!

Bob Arsenault
May 24, 2022

Like many people I was hesitant to part with my daily study bible for any length of time. But it was showing signs of wear and falling apart! So I packed it up and sent it off to Leonard's. You can imagine my(...)

I still cannot believe how beautiful my once old and ratty Bible is now, and I’m so thankful I can sit down to read it without the cover disintegrating or the spine falling apart in my lap. Leonard’s was quick to(...)

Odebolt, Iowa
May 16, 2022

I want to say "Thank you," and "Wow!" I received the rebound bible very quickly and it looks impressive. The customer service experience was amazing the whole way through!

Default Avatar125
May 16, 2022

I have had at least 10 different Bibles rebound by Leonards. Their quality of work is by far the best I've ever seen or had. Every person I've given a Bible to that has been rebound by Leonards has been more than(...)

Jeremy Mendoza
Bethany Baptist Church
May 11, 2022

I had precious Bibles that I wanted to turn into leather hardbacks to enable them to be generational heirlooms. Leonard's took worn out Bibles and made them well-bound and durable. Praying these treasures are passed(...)

Ben Whittinghill
Brattleboro, Vermont
May 10, 2022

I recently had a large Bible with study notes repaired. While the cover was fine, the pages were quite damaged. Some had come out altogether. Some were torn at the edges or wrinkled extensively. Whole sections were(...)

May 9, 2022

My favorite study Bible, which was a gift from my Pastor after I was saved, had come apart at the binding several years ago. The pages were loose to the point I could no longer carry it with me to church, and(...)

Pamela Brunt
Keystone Heights Florida
May 5, 2022

I just received back a Bible I had sent in for repair. This Bible is a large Bible that was donated to the church by a family in honor of his dedication to the church. This is the third Bible I have had repaired by(...)

Roberta Drake
Hornell, New York
May 3, 2022