Customer Testimonials


I sent Leonard's my 33 year old Bible to have a new, soft leather cover & fix the binding. They did an excellent job, at first I didn't even recognize my own bible! They straightened out many dog-eared pages and did a wonderfully beautiful job.(...)

Jo Ramsey
Family Bible Restoration

I found Leonards on the internet, doing a search for reputable book restorers. Every communication was professional and informative. After doing some research and reading reviews I decided to send my family bible to them for restoration. This(...)

Jill Schappe
Jill Schappe
St. Charles Missouri
Childhood Book

Thank you for the great customer service! You make me feel like I’m the only order you have. A real blessing and excellent finished product too! Highly recommend!

Shelley Vogel
High Quality and Beautiful!

My 23 year old Bible was really falling apart. I’m thankful for Leonard’s restorations. They did a beautiful job! I was concerned that the red leather would be orangey, but it is a beautiful deep red color. The leather is smooth and flexible,(...)

Vicki Marshall
Vicki Marshall
Big Print Bible

Leonard's did a remarkable job in restoring my twenty year-old Bible which had begun to come apart. Not only did they recover it with beautiful leather, but included my hand-written notes from the original inside cover. The rebinding is(...)

George Kepler
So Pleased

Leonard's restored my 140-year-old family bible that belonged to my great grandfather. The book spine was completely missing, the front and back cover were completely detached and many pages were loose and falling out. The new spine was(...)

D Yoder
Northern Minnesota
Restored Bible

I just received my Bible today and I love it! I had my 20 year old Bible rebound because it was starting to fall apart and I did not want to buy another one. I love the center reference column for studying and the markings I've made over the(...)

Indianapolis, IN
Great Bible!

When purchasing my current Bible, I unknowingly selected a poor quality binding, and I was very disappointed in how quickly it was disintegrating. So I began hunting for a quality company to rebind it. Wow! It's lovely, comfortable to the(...)

Claudia Teubl
Clermont, NY

EXCELLENT WORK! My Bible came back to me in better than new condition! This particular Bible gets quite a bit of use and I don’t think it will ever have an issue again. You even managed to get the scotch tape cleaned off where I attempted to(...)

Chuck Heady
East Peoria, IL
Very Pleased

I sent a very badly water damaged Bible to Leonard’s Bible Restoration hoping that it could be at least somewhat improved. Throughout the process of restoration, I was contacted and updated on when it would be finished and how to make a payment(...)

Janet Flowers 🌸
Myrtle Beach, SC