Customer Testimonials


Leonard's gave me everything I asked for and more. They did it all with excellence. Their customer service also was very outstanding. What I wanted and got was a "preacher's bible," if I may call it that, with a lot of flop. I don't like a(...)

Wayne Broaddus
Visalia, California USA
Bible Rebinding

Just received my rebound Bible this morning. Very nice work indeed. I went with the "Sturdy Covers" located here:
Everything I asked for was done in an expert manner.(...)

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Joseph Seman
Spring, TX
Beautiful Rebinding!

I received my Bible back from Leonard's today and could not be more pleased with the process or the results! They guided me through every step of the way to restore my 40 year old Bible which had become separated from its cover. It looks(...)

Atlanta GA
Bible repair

Very nice people extremely helpful did an amazing job putting pages back and making this bible strong enough to last till the rapture
Thank you

Matt N
Matt N
Payson Az
Mr Darrell Burdge

So thankful for my Bible received today, 1/17/2019. I have had three Bibles rebound over a period of time. My current rebound Bible will pass on to my Son, when I have gone home. I have had 2 other Bibles rebound in Red also; My 2 girls have(...)

Darrell Burdge
Senior Assoc. Pastor

Bible is beautiful!
It did take longer than I thought which required planning ahead to use another Bible while mine was out, but it was worth it. Good customer service an good communication from company over the duration. I also wish my bible(...)

Marie Myers

Great place to do business with. They took my wife’s worn out Bible and made it like new. All her notes in the margins were preserved along with the maps and other pages. My wife is the happiest lady in town after opening the package with the(...)

Bill Nix
Sebring , FL
Pew Bible rebinding

I owned a pew Bible which was in a state of disrepair and I desired to give it a new long lasting leather cover. I received this Bible and it became by "take to Church Bible" I am very happy with the repairs and new cover.

John VanderBilt
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Best experience

My husbands 25 yr old Bible was unusable with torn/missing pages, the cover completely off and plenty of stains and folds.
We are thrilled with the finished product. It turned out even better than we had hoped. Highly recommend Leonard’s(...)

Kista Reynolds
Westfield IN
Rebound Bible is beautiful!

I have a Bible that was given to me as a teenager that I have not been able to use in a decade because the binding was falling apart. It is my favorite study Bible and holds sentimental value and contains many notes. Leonard's rebound it for me(...)