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So Happy!

Years ago we had given my wife a Bible that she used daily in her studies and to reference when helping others. The Bible contained many of her notes in the margins and contained many of her Word inspired thoughts. My wife recently became the(...)

Washington, Mo
Greek New Testaments and Greek Old Testament Rebound

Age and three hurricanes in 20 years has taken a toll on my library. Some books you replace, but many require new life. This is my second time to send bibles since April, I am sending my third shipment tomorrow. I cannIt thank them enough. I(...)

My 1977 KJV Bible Restored

Thank you for the wonderful restoration job. This was the first Bible given to me by my Grandparents and it had definitely seen better days prior to sending it to you (I wish I had taken a before picture). The spine had almost completely(...)

Bible Repair and Rebinding

My bible was in shambles before I sent it to Leonard's. I had sent in my bible with a couple of torn pages, broken spine, and even pages that had fallen off but it was sent back like as though nothing of the sort had ever happened. I called(...)

Default Avatar250
Frankfort, Kentucky
Best Protection for the Word of God

I have waited almost a year to provide feedback, to allow time to test my purchase. Here is what you need to know, prospective buyer:

You will not find a better solution to protect the Word of God. I take my Bible with me everywhere I go,(...)

Aaron H.
Centennial, CO
Fantastic Book Binding

I had two books (not Bibles) from the late 1700s rebound and they are incredible in appearance and feel. I also sent the books from Maryland and had them shipped to Texas so they are accommodating. They advised me all along the way regarding(...)

Robert Bundens
Frisco, Texas/Laurel, Maryland

Leonard’s work glorifies The LORD!!!

David Benjamin Judah Green
David Benjamin Judah Green
YLT in 20th Century Sunday School Teachers Style

I sent Leonard’s a cheap 1970s paperback edition of Young’s Literal Translation - a fairly obscure translation of the Bible that has never seen a decent printing. They transformed it into a work of art. This Bible is a pleasure to behold,(...)

Jonathan Spinasanto
Jonathan Spinasanto
Fast, Painless and a BEAUTIFUL "new" bible

I am EXTREMELY happy with a job well done. My bible is beautiful and I consider it better than a new one! I really didn't know what to expect but I am so so happy with how quick the turn around time was, but more importantly how wonderful my(...)

Patti Walling
Beautiful job

I was concerned about mailing a book out of state for repair, but I am glad I did. The book itself is like new. (I halfway expected it to smell like glue, but it does not!). I have a few more books that need to be repaired (one with(...)

Susan Colburn