Customer Testimonials

Clinical Social Worker

I was not sure what to expect when I received my finished rebound Bible... I was not disappointed. Leonard's is knowledgeable and produced a great finished product. I love the soft supple feel of my new goatskin binding. What a great option(...)

Milton Whitmer
Self in Maumee, OH
Family Bible Restoration

Leonard's Book Restoration staff members were highly effective in restoring our treasured family Bible, which was given to us as a wedding gift over 50 years ago. The leather cover and rebinding as well as the gold lettering on the spine and(...)

Sally and Rick Botzler
So happy!

I got this Bible from my Mother on my 22nd birthday, after my Father passed away the previous year. I wore it out. Pages were missing. It was in terrible shape. I found another edition of the Bible online, and these fine folks were able to save(...)

Scott N
Scott N
great job

Deeply impressed with the craftsmanship, speed, and value in restoration of several volumes of my 1785 Shakespeare variorum.

M.L. Stapleton
Precious books saved

I had 3 treasured children's books, each with missing bindings and damage from years of being well-loved. Books that were a part of my childhood and my children's early years. Books I would like to share with my grandchildren.

I am(...)

Adrienne Maurer
Fort Wayne, IN
Sr Vice President

Leonards did a wonderful job restoring and repairing my precious 28 year old Bible. It was in pretty bad shape, with a lot of damaged and loose pages and my homemade repairs. I had a lot of personal notes that were important to me and they took(...)

Mike Figarelli
Mike Figarelli
Primerica/ Wood Dale, IL
I love my rebound Bible!

My rebound Bible with the camel bomber-style leather hardcover is beautiful and sturdy. I know it will last me for many years to come!

Default Avatar250
Hollidaysburg PA
Thank You

My bible looks marvelous. You guys did a beautiful job. My 90 year old mother is giving it to my son, her grandson, for a wedding gift. It will be used on the alter for his wedding and become his family bible. What you do is beyond repairing(...)

Beautiful restoration!

I sent my dad's duct-taped ultrathin Bible to Leonard's Books for a new cover, asked for the discount covers and gave my top two color choices, letting them know I hoped to have it back in time for Christmas.

They rebound his Bible(...)

Lynne Calender
Keller, TX

My bible is over 20 years old and was in bad shape. I had put black duct tape on the spine to hold it together, and one of our dogs had chewed the corners of 8-10 pages.
I had never thought about getting it repaired, but I got a gift(...)

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Danny Logan
Gunter, Texas