Customer Testimonials

What beautiful workmanship

I sent my beloved Bible to Leonard's Book Restoration not knowing what to expect. However I cannot thank them enough for their service and workmanship. I received an email at every step of the process including letting me know my Bible had(...)

Judy-Ann Neal
Oh. My. Goodness.

I have waited so long for a leather-bound & -lined Bible that I was truly concerned nothing could measure up to my imagination. God is Good, and He has truly blessed the efforts of the folks at Leonard's and, through them, me.


Ken B.
Danville, California
Happy Surprise

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new cover on my favorite devotional book. For those who might be reading this, I sent this book to Leonard's and simply asked them to choose a cover for me. I did not know what it would be(...)

Karl Kesselring
Beverly, Ohio
Bible Restoration

I have just received my Bible back from being restored by Leonards Book Restoration. I am in tears I am so amazed with how it has been restored. The front cover was hanging on by threads, some pages were completely out of the binding, and(...)

Dixie L Muirhead
Casper Wyoming
Mission Field Bible Restoration

What a Blessing it has been, the past 4 months since Leonard’s Book restoration restored my field Bible. This Bible has been with me a long time and the Lord has used it mightily, may the Lord bless Leonard’s Book restoration for their superb(...)

artist, collector

As a collector of four decades I am very much concerned when it comes to the condition and preservation of my collectibles. So when an important book of mine which had hundreds of autographs within it started coming apart at the binding, I(...)

Ultrathin Reference Edition Bible

Thank you for the fine work. I have had this Bible for more than 20 years, and the wear and tear on the binding had gotten bad. It is now better than new. I went with the soft calfskin and am very pleased. My daughter is impressed with how soft(...)

William Martin
Silver Spring, Maryland
Consistently excellent, high quality bible rebinding

Leonard's has rebound three bibles for me, and the work is impeccable. Their work rivals that of a well-known UK-based publisher. In addition to the expertise in their work, the customer service is excellent. The end product is well worth(...)

San Diego
Bible Restoration

I recently received my Bible back from restoration at Leonard's Book Restoration.

I had found Leonard's by Googling "bible restorations" and fortunately for me they were at the top of the list. I looked a at a couple of other sites but(...)

Guy Kendler
Guy Kendler
Plano, TX (North Dallas)
Couldn't be happier

I was very reluctant to send my beloved bible off to an unknown location for rebinding, but I had faith that it would work out and I am so glad I did! Over time my bible was showing signs of wear and I decided to explore a rebinding option(...)

Brian B.