Customer Testimonials

The sewing together of my Bible was perfect. I didn't need a new cover but the inside of the cover was replaced also. Nice job. However, I had some pages that had come out and I had taped them. They were replaced(...)

December 26, 2017

My old family Bible was in pieces and had no back cover. The spine was torn. Pages were loose and not in the right order. It was dirty. Leonard's Book Restoration cleaned it, put it back in order and in one(...)

Ruth Denton
Ruth Denton
December 10, 2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you! From beginning to end took less than a month. The cost was reasonable. The workmanship is superb. The addition of the photocopy of my notes is an added bonus that I didn’t expect(...)

Diana Cormier-Andrews
Gardner, Massachusetts
December 4, 2017

Will let you know after Christmas
the results. Dealing with you so
far has been great, since all
transactions were most agreeable
and prompt.

Lora Sawyer
Chesapeake VA
December 3, 2017

We received my husband's rebound Bible a few days ago. It was so special to open the box and see his "old friend", with a brand-new cover and his name imprinted on the front. The soft-tanned goat's skin is so(...)

Michelle Reeves
Lincoln City, Oregon
November 21, 2017

Beautiful job. Leather feels and looks so good. Forgot to get picture before giving to recipient.

Susan Darnell
November 20, 2017


I want to thank you for restoring my bible, it is simply beautiful, both in appearance and feel. The workmanship is superb, the quality of the leather and other materials used are worth every penny I(...)

Perry Jurgens
Retired, Tucson, AZ
November 16, 2017

Starting with Leonard's website I have never experienced a better one. Easy to navigate and filled with valuable information being also a testimony of the professional business they are. Very clear in the estimate(...)

Louis Fierro
Clearwater FL
November 7, 2017

I've been eagerly anticipating my bible for a couple of weeks and was very excited when it came today! I was not disappointed! This particular bible has been my primary mode of study for over 30 years and it was(...)

Norris, TN
November 1, 2017

Dealing with Leonard's was a pleasure and their website was easy to navigate. They were prompt when answering my emails and very patient with all of my questions. I received my 35 year old Bible, beautifully(...)

Kathleen Yaniro
Jay, NY
October 31, 2017