Customer Testimonials


I got my bible back from the wonderful people at Leonard's Book Restoration in an amazingly quick turn-around time. I am very satisfied with the result! My bible is in as good or better condition than when I purchased it. Thank you Leonard's(...)

Donald Barbe
Titus, Alabama
Bible Rebound

I am so thankful for this service! It was done beautifully and quickly, both of which I am very grateful for.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this service.

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M. Cobb
Treasure Restored

My Bible is my most treasured possession. And after 26 years of using this copy, it had become worn with pages falling out and the spine broken. My wife found Leonards Book Restoration online after I had expressed my concerns about not wanting(...)

Brad Grossman
Schaumburg, Illinois
Mr. Walter Hughes Jr

We really appreciated the care and excellent effort to restore my study Bible. They did a job that allows me to enjoy my Bible again.

Walter Hughes
Callaway, Virginia
Amazing Restoration

The Bible restored was given to me 41 years ago, as a wedding present from my beautiful wife. I have used it daily over the years. Prior to restoration, it was literally falling apart, many pages disconnected, ripped, the cover was completely(...)

Bob Perrine
Individual / San Diego
Great restoration and quick return!

I had my college graduation Bible restored, and after sending it in 2/2/22, I received it today, 2/18/22! I thought this was going to take weeks and weeks! It is beautiful, and I love it!! Thank you!!

Mia G.
Buford, Ga
Just received my Rebound Bible

It has taken me a couple of years to decide to send my Bible off to get it rebound. I looked at a few companies and kept coming back to yours. Leonard's felt different, like your company was more of a calling/ministry. I'm so glad I finally(...)

Kim Koblitz
Redding, California
1882 Weeden Family Bible

Excellent and phenomenal craftsmanship! Our Bible from 1882 had seen much use and was literally falling apart both covers were detached, the spine was worn, sewing was loose throughout the Bible causing loose and damaged pages. As you can see(...)

Corajean Hilton
Mattawan, Michigan
My Bible Restoration

Outstanding: I purchased this Bible 18 year ago from Walmart (an inexpensive Bible). Since then I carry it and use it daily. The back half of the New Testament was completely separate. Duct tape held the back together. I am beyond pleased and(...)

David Wilson
Laurel DE
So happy!

I had my well-used Bible recovered in leather and it turned out so well! I was kept informed every step of the way, from the time my Bible was received until it was put in the mail to come back to me and the process was much faster than I(...)

Chelle Martin