Customer Testimonials

Beautiful Craftmanship

I found Leonard’s on the internet, doing a search for reputable book restorers. Every communication was professional and informative. After doing some research and reading reviews I decided to send my family bible to them for rebinding(...)

Emma Thompson
Knoxville TN
Completely satisfied with this business

I just received my Bible that Leonard's recovered. I am 100% satisfied with the quality of work. It looks brand new, except for all my underlined passages and notes in the margins, of course! I am thankful I found this business to use and(...)

Doris Kittner
Fort Wayne, IN
Leonard's Book Restoration

We had a large Bible with hard covers from 1800s. The cover fell off the Bible and it was in very sad shape from so many moves and change of hands over the generations. Leonard Books did such a beautiful job! I believe this Bible will now last(...)

JaeHi Neill
Retired from Kroger Pharmacy
1873 Family Bible Revived

I found this family bible at a thrift store and decided to take it home. It was in absolute shambles (rotted leather, covers fallen off, binding deteriorated, etc.). I contacted Leonard's Books to see if they could help. They went above and(...)

Moscow Idaho
Better than ever!

I recently received my Bible back from Leonard's and was so impressed by the work and the short turnaround time! The binding had been totally separated and one large portion of Genesis had come detached. Some of the pages were so wrinkled, I(...)

Connie Sweet
Libby Montana
Beautiful work!

I received my bible this week and I have to say that when I saw it I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked. The original cover was really damaged and falling apart. It looks like a brand new bible (with the exception of the damaged pages(...)

Isabel Rosado
Queens Village, New York
Could not be happier with your restoration/rebinding work

We live in Alaska. I sent in our 1918 US Navy BlueJackets Manual to Leonard's, the binding and cover were pretty well trashed and if not fixed it was going to start losing pages and be of no good to anyone. Our two children serve; one in the US(...)

Martha Barnett
Kodiak Alaska

This was my second bible sent to Leonards' for repair. Their work is awesome I highly recommend them for book repair. You can depend on fast and courteous workmanship.

Nicky Harcrow
Bible repair

I have a Bible that is special to me and was very worn. Joe at Leaonard's Books worked with me every step of the way insuring they did only what I wanted to have done to it. Not too much replaced but just the right items. They found pages(...)

Pensacola Florida
Bible Repaired

Great experience. They took my worn 65 year old bible and completely rejuvenated it. Everything was done expertly. Everyone I spoke with at Leonard's was helpful, kind, and professional. I am so happy with the Bible repair job! It would be a(...)

South Carolina