Customer Testimonials

My late Paw-Paw's Bible Looks Like New

My Paw-Paw, Rev. John H. Mauthe, baptized me in late 1960 and he died suddenly in February 1961, so I never knew him. Now that I am an ordained minister, I wanted to read his bible to study, and touch him anyway I could, but the bible was in(...)

Doug Eatherton
High Ridge, Missouri
Bible restoration

I bought a cheap leatherette study Bible in 1991 and have used it all of these years. I had it recovered once (many years ago) but it was falling apart again, the binding had separated, the cover looked bad, a page was torn and a page had come(...)

Kimberly H
Mason Ohio
Wonderful Work

I just received my Bible rebounded and I can really say that Leonard’s Books does a great job. They fulfilled everything I asked and restored my study bible! I had this Bible for about a decade and now I will have it for much longer. I’m(...)

Andres Barajas
Fair Haven
So very pleased with my re-bound Bible

I was at the point where the last 30 or so pages had fallen out of my 14 year old study Bible and I would have to either buy a new one or have my Bible re-bound. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I sent my Bible to Leonard's for rebinding(...)

Leah Adams
German Bible

We have an old German Bible that has been passed down through the generations. Leonard’s was able to get it restored and functional again. It looks beautiful and was a reasonable price. Thank you!

Hicksville, OH
Amazing work!!

So I bought this really cheap ESV and thinline Bible when I first became a Christian, and over the past 15 years it was falling apart, I didn’t want to get a new one because I had all my notes over the past 15 years in that Bible. It meant a(...)

Cara Whitley
Cara Whitley
Family Bible

I was given our family Bible, printed in the late 1800's. It was in very sad condition, but potential a beautiful Bible with colored plates of significant scenes, and useful commentary. Mainly, it was a family treasure. My son, age 35, has(...)

Ed McDougall
Excellent quality and service

A few years ago I had my bible, given to me almost 40 years ago by my parents, recovered in green goat skin and it turned out lovely. I added extra pages and 3 ribbons and it is perfect. Excellent quality work and service. I use my Bible(...)

Sheila Colcord
Sheila Colcord
Orange County, CA
I am a Servant getting ready for my part...

If my Bible renew is as good as Leonard's Books service and website, I will be ecstatic! They say the process, or the journey, is what is most important. Well, if we are not talking about cheesecake, then maybe it is. It certainly has been so(...)

Robert Kapsar
Agents Choice Insurance
Beautifully Restored

30 year old pastor's Bible was beautifully restored. Great attention was paid to every detail. I would highly recommend Leonard's Books!

Alan Burkhalter
Alan Burkhalter
Pastor at Chaparral Hills Baptist Church in Amarillo TX